Help Wanted

The Michigan Museums Association depends upon our volunteers and museum colleagues for everything we do!  

Current Volunteer Needs
  • Museum Squad
    Help respond to inquiry requests that come to the office via email or phone calls.
  • MMA Historian
    Help update MMA history since 2005.
Contact Lisa Craig Brisson (, 313-334-7643) for more information or to volunteer with MMA.

Sign Me Up

To volunteer with MMA, please contact Lisa Craig Brisson at or 313-334-7643 .

2019 Volunteers

Museum Squad
Christina Arseneau
Tanya Bakija
Nancy Bryk
Lynne Friman
Adam Johnson
Connie Locker-Verhulst
Meredith Long
Pat McKay 
Ann Rock

MMA Review Proofreaders
Christina Arseneau
Rachael Drenovsky
Regina Gorham
Connie Locker-Verhulst
Susan Wenzlick

Michigan Museums Census
Cathy Fitzpatrick

Museums Advocacy Day
Sanam Arab
Louise Stewart Beck
Jason Dake
Deborah Harmon
Connie Locker
Michelle McClellan
Katie Prichard
Erin Schmitz

2019 Conference

MMA Team
  • Katie Bancroft
  • Caitlyn Perry Dial
  • Jill Eastcott
  • Regina Gorham
  • Ashley Ross
  • Caitlin Wunderlich

Joint AMM/MMA Planning Committee

  • Petra Alsoofy
  • George Bayard III
  • Louise Stewart Beck
  • Mallory Bower
  • Julie Burgess
  • Stacey Burns
  • Cheryl Chidester
  • Elizabeth Chilton
  • Joseph Cialdella
  • Caitlyn Perry Dial
  • Sarah Humes
  • Rachael McKay
  • Melanie Parker
  • Gregory Wittkopp
  • Joel Zwart

Conference Volunteers

  • Katie Bancroft
  • Bree Boettner
  • Mason Christensen
  • Regina Gorham
  • Frances Heldt
  • Riley Hubbard
  • Leslie Mio
  • Shannon Pinkster
  • Lisa Plank
  • Emily Powell
  • Hillary Hanel Rose
  • Katie Stadtmiller
  • William Wall-Winkel
  • Katrina Wioncek

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